Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, June 11, 1887

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Strafford, Vt. June 11th, 1887.
My dear Sir:
I had determined to give the Treasurer $50.00 when I
came to your commencement (and yearly perhaps) to make one of
your 100 subscribers, but I may be better to send it at once.
I regret that you have asked me for an address about the legis-
lation concerning the Land Grant Colleges and the results accomplished,
as I want no chance for self-glorification, and, were it otherwise,
as I have hardly a day between now and the 29th inst that is not
covered by engagements. I must go to Boston on business this
week and from there to Amherst next. Even the short literary work
for the latter place is not yet in shape. I cannot
hope to
prepare anything
for your occasion that would do you or me any credit in the
scrap of time that will remain to me next week.
I am aware that something needs to be said about the ab-
surdity of asking for the small land fund received that a farm
should be purchased and practical instruction given in farming,

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as well as that buildings and expensive machinery should be
furnished and technical as well as theortical instruction given in
the mechanic arts. I know too that our people need to be reminded
of the almost universal liberality of the other states in bearing the
cost of suitable buildings and beyond that in making annual ap-
propriations, and that they, with the state out of debt, should be made
ashamed of their own short-comings. This involves a little of the dul-
ness of statistics.
Now, if you will wholly excuse me, you will have my
thanks. If not, and will accept a repetition in part of what I
may say at Amherst, being forewarned also that it may not
all be in accord with your own ideas of "the eternal fitness of
things", and that it may occupy 30 to 40 minutes at a time when
everybody would rather be at dinner, you shall have me as an
offereing ready to be burnt. Let me know at once whether you will
not retreat and whether it would not be better to let me make
an address at Montpelier sometime when the Legislature is there.
Very truly yours
Justin S. Morrill
Prest. M.H. Buckham
Burlington, Vt.