Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, September 4, 1888

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Strafford Vt. Sept. 4, 1888
My dear Sir:
I see by your Catagogue of
1863-4 that you have more than doubled
your corps of teachers. Of course the service
of nearly all you then had would be
absolutely required for a proper Ag. College.
I should rather like to know the amount
paid then and now for each one of the
professors, though I may not use the facts.
Though you ought to have one or two
more professorships, it seems to me an
endowment of some you now have

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is your most pressing want.
Which of your present professorships
have been added to represent the Land
Fund? I would also like your Treasurer's
a/c or something to show the items of your
After seeing my wife's brothers last
week, and they are physicians of very
large practice, I went to the sea-shore
with my excellent friend, Mr. Houghton
of Boston, for two or three days. He
asked me to name some proper person
that he could get to write the History
of Vermont, for one of the popular series
of State Histories his firm is publishing.

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And I presented your name. I think
they will write to you about it, and I
hope you may be able to accept any
proposition that may be made. Only
do not allow them to limit you as to
time. For such a history you ought to
have time without other work. This you
will not have, but do not be hurried if
you enlist in the task.
Very truly yours
Justin S. Morrill
Prest. M.H. Buckham
Burlington, Vt.