Lillian H. Olzendam to Ashley Joseph Goss

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30 October, 1919
Mr. Ashley Goss
West Danville

Dear Sir:-
When in Caledonia County last Friday I was about to
call upon you when I was told by St.Johnsbury people that you
were attending the Masonic conference in that city and that I
might see you after four o’clock. I called at the building
about five being delayed by a puncture, but was told you were
not there and had not been there!

You have doubtless received certain letters from me this
month asking for your signature on petition to Governor Clement
for special session. Knowing that you will want your name to
appear with the long list of prominent legislators already se-
cured, I trust that you will sign one or the other of enclosed
blanks and forward same to me at your earliest opportunity.

Very truly yours,
Chairman of Ratification