Harriet Fletcher to Ruth Colton, 1835 April 11

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Waterville April 10 11 1835Respected Friend

It is with pleasure that I take my pen in hand to inform you of my health which is very good at present and hope when these few lines reach you that they will find you enjoying the same blessing. I do not know as I have any news worthy of writing only David Willey oldest Child is dead it was taken sick Tuesday evening and died the next thursday likewise I attended Mr. [        ] Carpenter funeral last Wednesday people think that Wright is a getting better I must inform you that Randel S is paying his attention to Sally H and Josiah Locke is keeping company with Mary Cheney and Silas Willey is married Harriet F. Ruth I hope that this will not have a bad effect on your mind for I think that there is as good fish in the sea that ever was caught I received your letter with much joy and it came very unexpected for and you wished to know If I had a pleasant visit? I did but not very time the next day I must inform that Elias [returned] the 5 day of this month Garner [ ] but [  ] was left behind he does not calculate to return before next Spring IHH Nancy and I went to make a visit our friends in Cambridge a visit three [ ] weeks a [  ] we went on Saturday and on sunday H [and] my Uncle put their horses together and the one of the Horses bits broke and they was affrighted and they run off the bridge and kill them both [ ] and we there till Tuesday but I never had such a lonesome visit as I did then. the last I heard from L she was better but I am almost ashame to tell you that I never have [ ] been to see her but it is my to go before very long

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I want you to write to me as soon as you receive this for you will have a chance about every Sabbath to send it as far as Esqr H or Mr [Millers] I want you to write how your health is likewise what your business will be next Summer think you shall be able to teach School how has your health been since I saw you and could you pronounce some of that letter that I sent you when do you calculate to your brothers people a visit? I should be very happy to make you a visit and I think I shall before another Summer passes over O Ruth I do not want to sleep with you to night but I wo should be very happy to lay in the bed with you and have it as dark as Egypt my paper grows short and I must draw to a close by subscribing myself

your friend do not expose thisHarriet F


Ruth ColtonJohnsonVT

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