Poem from Mary A. Johnson to Ruth Colton, 1837 May 30

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May 30 1837 Wednesday

Can friendship be destroyed by time
Ah no my friend that cannot be
While memory's potent powers are mine
I'll think of thee

And oft at twighlights pensive hour
That sacred hour so dear to me
Beneath some lonely silent bower
Ill think of thee

And when the weary are at rest
And all are lost in sleep but me
And friends are gone far to the West
Ill think of thee

And can I e'er forget thee, never
Though parted we may ever be
Till death and earthly ties shall sever
Ill think of thee

And when the storms of life are past
And we are hurried to the tomb
On [       ] happy shore at last
O may I meet with thee

Mary Angeline


Ruth C