Andrew Craig Fletcher to Ruth Fletcher, no year August 28

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Transcription : Travis Puller

Published by: University of Vermont, Bailey/Howe Library, Special Collections on 2008-11-10

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Bellows Falls Augt [UNCLEAR: "28" due to illegible content]

Dr [UNCLEAR: "Mother" due to illegible content]

I take my pen in hand to write you a few lines you spoke of my not writeing[sic] I do not have much time at present I commence work at 7 oclock in the morn and do not get [GAP: 7 letters missing due to illegible content] until 111[sic] PM so you I do not get much time I shall get 60 per month as long as I can do it dont know how long that will be I Commenced -------------------------------- Page 2 --------------------------------July 25 & have done it ever since I have Charge of the yard and of the Bridges across the Conn River and my own work besides am doing what they have kept 2 men for the last 16 years doing so you may judge dont think shall do it in Cold weather I think I shall be at home in Jan [GAP: 4 letters missing due to illegible content]

from your son

A.C. Fletcher

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