Mary Harvey to Ruth Fletcher, undated

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here is an old coat of somebodys that may do Craig some good with a little fixing and a vest that was made for Cornelius [6] years ago last spring which he out grew which may fit him we are going to work in the mill next week if nothing happens to prevent shall not go west this fall and perhaps not next but hope we shall we have looked for Uncle L a good while and are very sorry that he does not come but Uncles health is getting so poor and it is such a bad time of the year for consumptive people that we have felt afraid for some time past that if he did not go soon he would not be able to go at all Uncle can tell you every thing else that there is so I wont write any more tell uncle L I should be glad to have him write to me after he gets home

my respects to all

Mr L[    ] for me on his prospects of happiness with such a wife

write soon I shall allmost expect to hear that you are sick but keep your courage as good as you can