Mary A. Johnson to Ruth Colton, no year July 7

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Belvidere July 7Dear Ruth

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I seat my self again to write to you I wrote a letter some time a go but did not have an opportunity to send it if I had known that Wright had been going there I should have sent by him I enjoy good health this summer have a kind o sort o school it has got 5 week longer to keep Harriet F keep that school by her father I rather mistrust she is going off in the fall but I dont know I have been out there twice this summer I cannot tell you whether they have heard from Andrew lately or not but I heard Harvey say that he was [coming] out to see you this summer that will do just as well I suppose I dont know what I shall do when my school is out but there will be some way provided there always has been & I think there always will be

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I should like to go into some tailors shop and work this fall and learn to cut though I should not want to give my time or I would do house work if I could find a good place where they had a small family I don't want to work very hard I want pay for as much as I do I wish if you can you would find such a place for me I saw Mrs [      ] last week she said Carseldana was not very well Mrs P was going out to M to see Lydia she has got a son Carmoline has a daughter 7 weeks old write to me the first opportunity all the news you can think of it is time to begin school & I must draw my letter to a close

this from your friendMary A Johnson


Ruth ColtonEdenVt