Lydia Colton to Ruth Fletcher, no year March [3?]

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March [3]Dear Sister

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I now improve this opportunity of writing to you to inform that I am well my health is better than it was when left home my neck not me at [    ] my health began to be poor last spring by this time iam ataking a new meadacine it is balsam [capeva] it hits my [case] exactly it is the best for my nerves of iever tried ihave taken with more than one bottle Mr Lyman give me a pair of mits so idid not have to get anny gloves they are [       ] me between or fifteen dollars ihave been here twenty weeks yesterday it seems agreat while since i last saw you must kiss Creag for me and tell him aunt Lydia wants to see him verry much give my love to Mary and tell iwant to see verry much tell her iwill give her my straw bonnet the Canker rash prevails in barre yesterday there was two Chr children lay dead in house and another that not expected to live ihave been to this four ihope you and Andrew will pray for me my chance to attend meting is rather only half aday and Sabbath evening ithink there is more engageedness among the free Church than [   ] when i first came here Mr Kellog preacht [a real][     ] advent

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Discourse last Sabbath evening give love to your Mother likewise to Maria and tell them to remember me at the throne of grace there died in this a lovely girl last thursday was happy in the love of god she was [     ] with the knigt be fore she died her Mother her to go to sleep the day she died she turnd over and tried but could not, but, to gratify her Mother sh went to sleep when she awoke sh says Doctor ant ia ding Sh [idreamp] of being with jesus when igo to sleep again ishall sleep in the jesus she warnd her young friends to be Christians Mr [Massier] the episcopal Clergiman says he has read of [     ] death [           ] but he never witness one before ithink ican truly say iam detirmend to be a christian but ifeel the need of all the prayres of gods children ido not hear no prayrs onely when igo to meting you cant begin to think how iwant to see you you have friends and relations where yo can see them but is seem to be alone but my heavenly sometimes mets with me and ifeel happy in the love of god ifeel to thank my heavenly father for my health iwant you to write when yo get this iwant yo to write when your general meting commencis next spring ithink of visiting yo in the spring itake my [balsame] till iam all sore and then

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then istop taking it awhile iwish you was where you could drop in see me i feel almost condemd for ihave not [    ] the [like] in my hand to day if i could you ishould have many things to say to you imust get readdy to go to meting it is allmos dark now [  ][  ] be sure and write soon ihave been to meting and have had avery good meting ifelt to rejoice in the god of my salvation iwant to be aseking a citty out of sight eternal in the heven whose builder and maker is god tell Maria to write to me you must excuse me for not writing more it is between nine and ten oclock give my love to all my friends you mus correct all mistacks for ihave write in ahurry you dont now how iwant to you must remember me in all your payrs

I must subscribe myself your affectionate Sis till Death have just reseived a letter from Elisa and Hannah Cain tell them ithank them ferry much for there letter [igegoin] to write afortknight [ay][las] Sabbath ihad around so long ithoght iwould not send it Elisa says sh talks of going [below] iwish you would send me half anot of thread and some peases like my woollen aprons tell Elisa sh must come and spend the Sabbath with me with out fail iwas glad to hear your health was better than it when ileft home you must be Carful of your health

Lydia Colton


Mrs Andrew FletcherWatervilleVermontMar 11