Maria Fletcher to Andrew and Ruth Fletcher, 1846 October 4 and Lydia Colton to Andrew and Ruth Fletcher, [1846?] October

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Maria Fletcher(?) to Andrew and Ruth Fletcher, 1846 October 4 Paxton Oct 4 Dear brother & sister

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Your letter I have received dated the 16 of Aug. It was with great pleasure. My health is quite good. I have been to meeting to day I thought of you and wished I could attend meeting with you. we have very good sermons written here but after all it is not home to me. I fully intended to answered your letter immediately but one thing after another has prevented. I wish you would come at Mass so that I can talk with you without writing. if you will come I will tend baby for you one month. Jane says I wish Craig was here pretty lad; J-- health is about the same as usual Silas [T] wife says she wants to see my brothers that are at Vermont she says should be ashamed to have me tell you that I had not been their Lucy [T] husband has left of preaching and gone to work at his trade. Say to Harvy I expect him here this fall tell Luke to remember his promise love to Enos. You must write as soon as you get this

From your sisterMaria

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Lydia Colton to Andrew and Ruth Fletcher, 1846(?) October Paxton [  ]Dear brother & sister

having a few leisure moments I cherefully Devote them to you received your & was glad to hear that you was well I have been [ ]to meting to day I have sa Maria she is [            ] cold June health about usual Elias & wife have to go to Providence [once] a month It costs twelve dollars each time I should have ben very happy to have been at hom and gone to meting with you to day we have had [oferry] good Discours allthouh it was not Elder Petingale [Artomus] Fletcher works to the same place that I do he Is well I should like to see your daughter likewise Craig tell him that aunt Lydia has not him kiss him for me give my love to Mary & tell her to write or send a Paper please to write what you call your little daughter [Artomus] says give my love to andrew folks

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and tell his farthers folks that he is well give my love to Abagail [Titletson] write [Almina] Thomas can talk or not I should to hear from [Rensaleur Lock Pinkney] folks got [     ] last thurs day saying that they did not think he could live I commence work here [  ] 19 day of June I have nine shilling a wek you must overlook all mistake for my lamp is not better than [            ] lightnen bug and they have ben reading & talking all the evening write soon as you get this write all about the Conference that was at [Belvidere] all the particulars about the meting give my love to Luke & E[    ] and tell them to send some papers to Maria & me sister if you will put my name uppon the out side some the letters I shall gladly pay th postage write son tell [     ] to write soon or send [      ]



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