[Mary Harvey?] to Ruth Fletcher, 1850 December 11

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Danville Dec 11 1850Dear Aunt

it is not strange that you worried about me and I was to blame for not writing before but I have put it off from day to day for a more convenient opportunity we are as well as usual but the babe is very worrysome and I am alone and have 3 boarders the girl that I intended to have come and staid 8 weeks but if you want to know how smart she was I can tell you in a few words just think of a torn string before it is twisted and you will have some faint idea of what she was (dont breath it loud) but she was not particular at about dirt and and Mr Harvy does not like to live in the dirt any better than I and more dont you think she me

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of her father's keeping Levi for nothing and as the schoolmarm said that raised my ire but say nothin about it her father and I will have a reckoning before many years for I know that he never kept Levi a day without pay you will say that this is nothing that you want to hear so I wll desist I have been hurried with work that I have not had time to think and I am hurried about as much sunday as any day in the week so that I have not had time to write only after bedtime and my eyes are so weak that it is hard to look at anything long at a time there is three bunches in one lid like what was in yours and they are rather painful at times Field is going to and [Eliza] is going home Charles has gone and [Sophia] at his fathers Levi goes to school and is as well as usual

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we have a female teacher this winter he also attends writing and the teacher says that he improves have you heard from the west since we were at your place if you have please write the news you wrote that Aunt L was well so tell her that we shall look for her and Uncle over this winter why cannot you all come together we should be so glad tell Uncle Andrew if he dont come this winter that Caleb will not carry me over to see him as I know [our] Caleb wants to know how much loading you are a going to have for him so that he can calculate accordingly please write as often as you can and write all the news well it is near eleven so I must close