Bestsey Verona Colton to Ruth Fletcher, 1852 December 24

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Otsego Dec 24 1852Dear Aunt

write to you hopeing I now sit down to to hear from you for I have written several times and recieved no answer it is rather discourageing to write and get no tidings it would be gratifying to hear from absent friends I wrote to you early in the spring shortly after Grand Ma died which was the last of March and uncle Lemuel wrote about the same time that I did and we have not had no O dear aunt you have had afflictions heavey hand laid upon you in burrying your dear children and I think I too have had mine O my Dear Aunt judge my feelings when called to part with Grand ma as I stood by the lifeless remains of her who had filled the void made by my mothers death it for so many years I thought I too knew what it was to part with beloved friends But that is not all we have been called to mourn the loss of an only sister yes dear aunt I have followedbeen called to [with] an only sister Carseldana is dead she departed this life hurt the ninth of July leaving two children both boys the oldest two years old last Augast the youngest was five weeks old at the time of her death O think of me when bereft of a mother and so young left to the mercy of strangers almost alone though I had the kind care of friends and relatives yet you who have over your children

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with a mothers watchful eye will remember that I never enjoyed that blessing, think of your little ones should they be left in such circumstances and then remember these babes to be sure they are well taken care of but you will know by experience no one can supply a mothers place I can scarcely write for remembrances of the painfuln scenes which it has been my lot to witness [each] with painful emotions to my memory but I mourn not as those that have no hope for I humbly trust if faithful a few more rising and setting suns to meet those beloved ones that have gone before in the mansions prepared for the blest Yes my dear friends tho many lofty hills and spreading vales seperate us from each other the same God is there that is here please remember me in your prayers at a throne of grace and may each one of us so live that we may meet in that bright world where we shall not be called upon to take the parting hand where sickness sorrow pain and death will never come where every tear will be wiped from our weeping eyes and we shall the King in his beauty I should have written to you before but have been anxiously for an answer to my last please write on the reception of this for it is truly a consolation to hear from absent relatives Father is well and sends his love to you and yours he is teaching school this winter Lyman

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goes to school this winter from home he is well and sends his love to all uncle Lemuels family were well the last that we heard from there they have another boy which they call Carlos they were here a short time since it has been very dry here the past season some crops [     ] Give my best love to your children and uncle Andrew and aunt Lydia tell her to write to me and I will most cheerfully answer her for it is a great priveledge to hear from absent friends tell cousin Mary to write to me I should have written to her but a thought sometimes comes to my mind that perhaps she has forgotten that she had a cousin Verona far off to the west tell her that the memory of her will be fondly cherished by me for I can truly sympathise with her for the early loss of an affectionate mother remember me with my love to Cornelius & Levi We had a letter from Carlos in the spring he wrote that Curtis was better and his recovery was no longer doubtful the rest of the family were enjoying their usual health I have nothing more to write at present but before I close I once more intreat you to write without fail for it is [    ] a year since we have heard from you enclosed I send you a lock of Carseldanas hair I must close for want of room

from your affectionate tho much afflicted nieceBetsey Verona


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