Mary Harvey to Ruth Fletcher, 1855 January 26

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Danville Vt January 26th 1855Dear Aunt

Ellen [rec'd] her package yesterday and with it your note and I take this opportunity to try to excuse myself for not writing it was neglect in the first place as lazyness it may be for you know that I am troubled in that way but surely no ill will for I thought of you often. then came and all must have their share, then death, sister [Alba] died the first of september Elijah,s wife 25 of December, Caleb,s cousin Mrs Varnum buried two little girls in one grave the eldest 4 last June the other 2 in July November 28 and her child a girl of 6 1/2 years December 28 she has one left a babe

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of 3 months surely her cup of is full to overflowing but few have escaped sickness in this place for the last six months within a little more than a mile of us there has been 9 deaths since we came from your house las summer almost every one in the place and especially [   ]five in our family that had not previously had Typhus or Typhoid fever have had either the fever or strong symptoms and in breaking it up. since the sicknes has abated has been seemingly no time to write there has been so much work on hand have not received but one letter from Mary in the last 9 months and have not answered that but intend to do so tomorrow if possible so you see that you are not all that is neglected

Ellen is at school I dont know whether she is home sick or not guess she is not exactly contented

Mrs Horner, where is she I am sorry that there is no chance for her but as the factory is to be stopped soon we thought that she would not want to come for so short a time

how is Henry I hope that he is better pleas give my love to Aunt Lydia and tell her that we want to see her and all of her family tell Uncle Daniel that the only reason that we did not stop with them long was Aunt L's poor health she looked to sick to wait on herself much more me and my whole family

now wont you harnes up and come and see us one and all we should be verry glad to see you [      ] all the children so that there will be no hurying back for we shall be so glad