Ellen Church to Ruth Fletcher, 1869 August 22

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Pierpont Aug 22d 1869Dear Aunt

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although you may think this title I had not ought to apply to you it is not the case for such you are to me although you may think I have neglected you in not mentioning your name but it was my if I did not for it was to you as much if not more than the rest you also seemed to think I did not do [   ] right when there that may be so for I am naturaly of a jealous disposition and have always been cursed with poverty so that what may seemed to be neglect to me may not be anything but imarnation if you know it to be so throw over it all the mantle of forgiveness for as the poet says (forgive and the [garden] a wilderness left to [deform] forget the world would be lonely if flowers but remember the chilling blasts only) and the and the fields gave no verdure for fear of the storm. so it would be with life merely a void if we only remember the ills I dont know as I ever laid up one hard feeling any of your family Aunt any misfortune you may any of you suffer finds a sympathizer in me if you do think otherwise I know you

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are blessed with this worlds goods I am poor and always shall be therefore must not expect the fawning of the prosperous everything has so changed in your family when I was last there was one reason of my feeling as I did can see where I done wrong but I remember you all with kindness and Should be so glad to see one and all tell Ella to forget the past and write to me I cannot write as often as I once could my little boy is and always has been very troublesome is not very healthy he was 17 months old thursday can say a few word but ma is always his theme his name is Leon Colton I have good home but have to work hard have a kind man although poor we live with his folks his Father is 70 and mother 69 both real smart have the milk of 9 cows to see to am trying to spin some is Ella teaching how is Adella can she write yet Craig is he in Cambridge yet I should like to hear from him and O it makes my heart ache when I think of Ally he is gone from the trials of earth how I always loved him but I trust he is better off Aunt Ruth is your health any better do you live alone or how is Uncle An better write and tell me all if you can want to for I always like to get a letter from Aunt Ruth this I mean do you hear from Mary or either of the boys, everything is very backward some think we shall have no corn but if frost holds off well we shall Carls folks are well and doing well it is geting late and I shall have to stop my health is good but I cannot stand hard work very well how I should like to have you all come and see me I will send to Uncle Dans folk in [     ] also se that can send it over any time give my love to all who may enquire I have not heard a word from that neighborhood since I left only what Carl could tell write one and all love to all

your niece and CousinEllen Church

John sends his love


Mr Andrew FletcherWatervilleVermontAug 23