Unidentified to Andrew Craig Fletcher, 1879 January 16

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Port of New York,NAVAL OFFICE,January 16th, 1879.A.C. Fletcher Esqr., Dear Sir

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Your Favor of the 13th inst. is at hand & contents noted. I regret to say that the Butter market is at present very dull, and I fear I would be unable to handle yours at a price that would be satisfactory. Nothing in the way of Butter is bringing good prices just now but

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fresh creamery - and that is mostly from the West and comes regularly evry week. I have found it so difficult to work off ordinary dairy at decent prices that I do not think best to try any more this season -

You know I am not in the business regularly - But Simply handle a few tubs [in the fall of the year] to supply a few friends I think you can probably sell yours as well at home