Addie Quimby to Della Oakes, 1879 April 26

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Tunbridge VtApr 26th 1879Dear Friend Della

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As I promised to write to you I think it is about time I began I stayed to Craigs over a week I went to Northfield Monday stayed untill Friday with my Aunt Porter came to Royalton on the morning train was lucky for Mr Ordaway was down to the Depot so I rode home with him and saved half a dollar found all my things safe and sound I went down to Mr Shepherds to dinner he was not at home His name is Isaac he is cousin to the Dustin women your mother I guess will know which he is I can find out more about them when I see him When I was at Northfield I got my cousins picture

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He is very handsome I think his name is Albert Quimby he lives in Hamilton City Ont he is just the right age for you twenty last January he is one of the Northfield Cadets I cut a piece out of an old Argus about the [      ] line swindle I will send it to your Father it may do him some good for if he is made to give up one note why not all of them Give my love to Merril and all the rest of the folks who care to enquire about me write soon and tell me all the news and excuse all mistakes and poor writing for I am in a terible hurry for I want to go to the vilage this afternoon

From your rattle headed friendAddie Quimby

P.S. Dont be to precise in Grammar when you write to me but rattle off the news How much sugar did Amos make