Lucy Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, 1879 November 27

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MaloneNov. 27/79.Dear Sister Henrietta,

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We received your two last letters last evening and glad to hear from you. Owing to some carelessness mother has not received her mail when she ought for some time. It is not put in the right box.

You spoke of your friends forsaking you I write today to prove the contrary

We are all well and at home (Thanksgiving day) Well Miss Carrie the leggings are just the thing are they? all "thanks" to Grandmother but the borders.

The question now is are you coming there to wear them We are expecting you all and if

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you can come write (some time) week before so that we shall get the letter in time to meet you.

Bent and I are going down to the village this evening so that I have not much time to write.

We have not had a letter from Edward since July bent wrote again last Sunday We heard by the way of Mr Derby's family that Edward's eldest girl had been sick with fever

Not much sleighing here some snow in fence corners and galeways You wanted to know if we could board you a month "come and see." I think we can, we will agree to terms etc when you get here, No stockings or mittens knitting but another pair of leggings comming