[Katherine Fletcher?] to Mattie Smith, 1882 May 31

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Jeffersonville VermontMay 31st 1882To Mattie Smith

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I thought I would trouble you by writing and telling you about our walk. all the scholars that and the teacher went we had splendid time and we all had to write to some one and tell them about all about our walk

We went up to the picnic grounds & we went two by two if you do not know where that is you will have to ask Carlie and if he cant think you tell him it is where we went where we went

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after day only it is up on the hill farther The village when we was up on the hill looked nice. we could see the Lamoille River it looked just like the letter S.

There were a number of May flowers up there I will press some this year and send them to you We played Hide & seek the teacher and Ethel Kinsley and James Hanly were blinder [Mamie] Flagg and I hid to gather she we run down a very steep bank