Marilla Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, 1882 November 29

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San JoseNov. [29]th 1882Dear Sister.

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I see my better half has not assigned the correct reason for my asking him to write, in fact I had two reasons One was I thought you would like to hear from him, the other is he is neglecting his home correspondence to that extent that I thought a little practice

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would be beneficial to him.

I was glad to hear from you once more. It makes one sad to think how the carping cares of life cripple our better natures & cause us to neglect our friends but it often seems as if circumstances push us along where we do not wish to go.

Perhaps you may think I have not much to do as E. is gone so much, but this I know I have all I can do every day & still the work looms up before me.

You say you cannot have your husband gone a week. Well I thought so too & I guess it was about

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as hard for me to get used to it as anyone. I have no doubt it was the cause of my sickness two years ago. but I thought you would think as your mother did that I was very foolish to lay it to heart so. It seems as if we have such a little while to live it is too bad to be seperated, besides the children need a fathers diciplin but we have a family to care for & there seemed no other way so easy as for him to travel It costs a great deal to live here economise as we may, & we have had some drawbacks as you know.

I expected your mother would spend the winter with you but it seems she is wedded to the

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old place

I am glad Bent is doing so well_ we may yet have one rich one in the family. I have given up all hope of our ever having more than a living & in fact its all we need How I would like to see you all once more but I probably never shall Please give my love to all my old friends & tell them I shall never forget them. Kiss the children for me & remember me to your husband.

Accept much love for your self

Yours in a hurry.M.D. Smith