[Katherine Fletcher?] to Lucy Smith, 1883 July 9

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Jeffersonville, Vt,July 9, 1883.Lucy Smith,Malone, N.Y.Dear Aunt Lucy,-

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Your letter so long ago received I have not forgotten to answer, but long enough neglected, so now I will try and write a few lines.

We are all well this bright summers afternoon and glad to have a day pass that it does not rain for it seems as though it had rained continualy for the past 2 weeks.

Where did you go the 4th of July?

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Mamma stayed to (I mean at) home but Papa took Myra Wilcox, Carrie, Rhett, & I to North Cambridge to a picnic we had a lovely time, while we were going, there came up a thunder storm but we had 2 umbrellas one for each seat we spread an parasol over our laps so we did not get wet when we got to a house papa stoped and we went in and they had a melodeon Myra & I played some duets and we had a nice time but it stoped raining in a little and we went along it was real warm so it dried up in the woods so we [   ]had a good if it did rain.

Carrie & I go to school there are 50 scholars this summer but they are nearly all small though I am one of the oldest we are agoing to have some peices the last day my single piece is about

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"Those Three" Carries is about "Jesus Seat" and the largest girls are agoing to have a dialogue. school is out Saturday.

O aunt Lucy I dont know as I am writting or not there is someone on every side of me whispering, & hitting my elbow all of the time so that I