Lizzie Hobart to Ruth Fletcher, 1884 [November?] 7

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Beloit. Kansas.[No.] 7.th1.84Mrs Ruth Fletcher,Dear Aunt,

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I have been up to Mothers a week, and one day while there, I asked her what to do, and she said, answer Aunt Ruth's letter, so I will try and write a little this evening. the children and I, are alone, as usual. Lyle asleep and Sylvester sitting up with me to keep me company. I am not feeling as well as usual this week, and of corse not as strong, as when well, so my hand trembles so it is hard to write plain. We are having lovely weather, it was so warm to day. I had to keep the dors open, and let the fire

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go out, and then was two warm. we have had, only two [or] three hard frosts yet. the ground is not frozen at all, and the roads are splendid. We have had good crops, of all kind this year. and when the farmers, have good crops, the towns grow, there is a good [deal] of building in this town this fall. we have a very nice school house built this fall, and another nearly finished, aslos a very nice Bank building, and a skating rink beside a good many new dwellings, and additions to old houses, and I notice, there are a good many new houses being built in the county. But at present I think people are more interested in the Elections than in any thing else. it appears to be the principal talk. both with the men and wimen.

Mother and I think it would be

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a splendid thing for you and Uncle to come out here and stay this winter we think the change would be good for you. I should be ever so glad to have you come and stay with us. I am alone so much that it would past suit me and mother would be so glad to have you. Clark is away nearly all the time and Mother complains of being lonesom so much. C. is teaching east of here and they live west. he teaches at a place called Simpson has sixty eight scholars gets forty five dollars per month he goes home about once a month is here twice a month. he is not very well this week. 23d I commenced writing two weeks ago. have been very busy these two weeks, and will be this week, so will finish up this old letter this time, and try not be so long writing a letter next time. I write

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evenings on account of my eyes. they have not been very strong since I had measles. but it does not hurt them so much to write as to read. week before last we had lectures all the week. the children and I attended mother come down fiday evening with my husband. Clark came up from Simpson Mother went home sabbath day, and Clark monday morning. Mrs Maley was our lecturer. I presume you have heard her. she has been in the northern part of Vermont several times. I think she is a dear little woman. we have a very nice public worker in our town. her name is Mrs St. John. she has been helping us drill a Band of hope for an [exerbition]. we expect to have it this week friday. but this is enough of this kind and I will close. we all should be very glad to have you and Uncle Andrew come to see us, and stay a good long time. and now good by.

with love to allLizzie E Hobart.