Mamie Flagg to Katherine Fletcher, 1885 February 7

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Godfrey Ill.Feb. 7, 1885.Dear Katie:

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It has been some time since I recd your letter, but I have not forgotten to answer it. I wrote to Cora & Girtie a little while ago and have ans. Coras and now I must write to Nellie, Mattie, and Girtie besides you.

Suppose you have seen their letters.

We are at my uncle Charles now and having a splendid time. Since I wrote to you last we

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have been at my uncle Willie's in Waukegan, at my uncle Guardners & Aunt Emilies in Marsales, at my uncle harvys in Plainfield, at Chicago & Joliet.

While we were at Chicago we went to see the panurama of the battle of . The first, we went into a large round building, then through a long dark hall & up stairs. There is an iron railing that runs around up there & you can stand any where inside that and look off all over the battle field. The men, horses and everything

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are life size.

A few feet from where the canvass is joined is real ground scattered with old fire arms and etc. There are is one real old hay stack most tumbling down and three or four painted ones. The painted ones look as natural as the real ones. All along the stone wall are dead or wounded soldiers. and in one place where they are dressing the wounds you can see with an opera-glass the men taking up the arteries in a mans arm. It would almost make you shudder to look at some of the horses laying down and

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gasping for breath all torn and bleeding.

Well I wont write any more about this and if you can make out what I have written you will do well. but I cant take much pains or I shall miss getting it in the mail.

Did you go to the Union write soon & tell me all the news.

Your loving friend,M.E.F.

P.S. Tell Mattie & Nellie I will try and write to them tomorrow. Hope you will excuse me for not writing sooner.

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Cedar Rapids and Rock Island perfectly sicken me dont they you?