Mary M.Powers to [Katherine Fletcher?], 1885 March 29

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Franklin, Vt.Mar. 29, 1885Dear friend:

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Remembering my promise to you I will try to fulfill it. I hope you arrived at home safe Friday. I think it was at Fletcher there was so much snow on the track that an Engine and snow plow was sent ahead to clear the track. The Conductor said "where was the young lady who sat with you going." I told him and he said he thought perhaps you were going to go on the B and L. road and that (I think it was B&L) you could not go for the train would not come that night. I thought it was nice for you that you did not wish to go farther. I was the only lady passenger from Sheldon to Highgate but was not very lonesome for we didn't go

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very slow. The train was 2 hrs. and 35m late at Highgate making it past 11 o'clock when we reached H-. I was not expected so I found no one to meet me. The mailcarrier showed me to Mr. Pomeroys house where I found my mother. I stayed at H- until Tuesday. Sunday I attended three services I went to the Methodist church in the morning at 10:30 (half past 10 o'clock) at 2 o'clock, to the Congregational; and in the evening I went to the Episcopal Church. To-day I have not been to church. my father is a physician; and my sister and I are obliged to stay at home many times for sick people must be visited Sundays as well as week-days and we do not live in a village. If your people make sugar I presume you will be glad when "sugaring" comes. I am sure I shall be glad for I want some new sugar. My mother has not been at home

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once since I came home my siter Martha is keeping house; she laughs and says she is the "head of the house" I am willing she should be if she wishes it though I like to do housework very well. Do you still have Orthographic Projections in drawing? I think drawing is nice though I didn't have a fondness for Orthographic Projections. did you? Are you in the D or C Mental Arithmetic? I was in the C, and I enjoyed that as well as any recitation. Did they have a nice time at Mr Campbells Friday eve.? I think it is real nice in Mr. C. Have you ever been to any of his receptions? Yesterday I was at the dressmaker's all day sewing; Tomorrow my sister and want to finish the dress that we are making. Do you like to sew? I like sewing pretty well if my work looks well.

One of my cousins came here to-day

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with a gentleman who came for medicine. they stayed to dinner so we have had enought to do for sunday at least; we have no hired girl and we were both away yesterday making or leaving work for some other day. I am sitting up to write but it is so late must close soon.

I hope you will answer soon write about the school and your studies and everything you can think of. I like to get long letters so I have written you a long letter, hoping to get one in reply.

Now I must stop.

Yours etc.Mary M. Powers.E. FranklinFranklin, County. Vt.