Clara Gris to Katherine Fletcher, 1885 June 11

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Jeffersonville, Vt.June 11. 1885Dear Kate.

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Carrie wanted me to write to you cause she did not want to write alone but I guess you wont like it. I set in frunt of Carrie & one cant do any thing but what the other does the same. But I should not have thought of this but Carrie wrote on a note & ask me to but I dont no as you will like to have me but of course I had to sute Carrie but if you dont want to read any more when you get to here You neadnot of course. I went up toin MR. Raymores & found a nest of ground bird there were four

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Carrie Ada & I are going a berrying after school to night you must excuse my writeing if you will Nora is as ugly as usual she will get up in her seat and go down as hard as she can so as to make Carrie & I make all sorts of letters I guess you cant read this you see I have begun on the rong side of the paper I write so I will have to close.

An ugly girl Clara Gris