Lucy L[eland?] to Katherine Fletcher, 1885 July 2

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JohnsonJuly 2, 1885My Dear Friend Kate

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As I had nothing else to do I thought I would write you a few lines to pass away the time. I havent seen Carrie to speak to her since school closed. Ned was taken sick last Thursday & went home Friday he was very sick & I have had to work in the office most of the time I like it pretty well I had rather do

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it than wash dishes though I dont have to wash them this week we have got a girl to help us & of course I am glad. I havent seen Newcomb for a long time he probably is so broken hearted that he dont like to go out I suppose you are having a good time keeping house it is fun especially washing dishes it is almost train time Carrie has just come in so I must stop for this time Be sure & answer Your old friends letter