Carrie Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, 1885 September 20 and Henrietta Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, undated

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Carrie Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, 1885 September 20 Jeffersonville VtSep 20 1885Dear sister--

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I received your letter last evening and of course was glad to hear from you Mamma is not feeling very well she did not sleep very well last night I got up and done all of the work and got done about Ten oclock. I dont believe I can go to church to day Papa and Mamma went to the concert last Monday night I got a sheet of Music left Ray at home and took Rhett we had a very nice time

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got home a little after Ten at night we have a Music association last night we are goint to evry Saturday night five cents to go and $1.50 for a new pupils. [Mrs] Griswold is leader Mr Melendy is President Hattie Willcox Sec- Abbie Willcox Organest Mrs Bucanman Tres- We have a ball player for a teacher have about 25 and down stairs about as many. Laura is a very good writer for a little girl I hope she will write again for long When are you comming home Grandpa and Grandma was down here this week and stayed all night whent went home the next day Rhett cant appreciate his frog as well as he does Ray fish he says send him a fish. I must stop

yours sisterCarrie

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Henrietta Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, undated My dear Child:

I am miserable to day last night I had a bad time with my bowels and vomitting but feel better this afternoon shall be all right by morning Oh it was fearfull dark before Rhett and I got home last Sabbath we did not get wet put the rubber blanket over us and let "Topsy" do her own driving Cleaned the chambers last week while washed your room Papa is buying Hogs & c for a man in S Royalton Wednesday he expects his wool man back to buy cattle they loaded their wool

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last tuesday I guess he will keep busy buying for both Carrie wants you should get her a yard more of ribbon for her dolly I have had the gold quarter put on the chain ( Mrs F_ butter is ready and will send it as soon as I have a chance) Papa had quite a laugh over his scene come home when you think best is Mr Campbell getting any more leniant


if you can get a 1/4 yd of wide lace for 5 cts to make a bonnet for C_ doll get it & send to her