Willis Hubbard to Katherine Fletcher, 1885 October 22

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Jeffersonville VtOct 22. 85. 7 oclock pm.Friend You Know Who

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Your kind letter was duly received. Was glad to hear from you although you need not have been in such a great rush to answer my last. When I wrote it I did not expect to get an answer and perhaps I did not deserve one

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I rec'd two other letters the day that I got yours one from Allie and the other from some one whom I think you do not know. Lodge is not very lively, they talk of adopting some new system.

Allie cannot be very sick of the Whitcombs or he would not visit them as often as he does.

As for the school in Dis. No 19, I was in the notch one day on business one day and called at the schoolhouse a few minutes

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everything seemed to be in order and the Notchites say they have had a good school.

I think I would like to be acquainted with your littleAlberta roommate she must be a daisy. What is the reason that your father will not let you go to lodge?

The boys and girls of Jeff ought to get up a dramatic club this winter but if they do I fear it will not benefit me much as I am going

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to Morrisville to school this winter and probably shall not come home very often. Well I must draw this to a close as I have two more to write this evening.

When you have lots of leisure time and waste paper, please think occasionally of

Willis S Hubbard
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Jealous! O, My!