Willis Hubbard to Katherine Fletcher, 1885 November 1

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Jeffersonville Vt. Nov 1st. 1885. Friend Katie.

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Your letter of Oct. 26 was rec'd Thursday Oct 28 was glad to get so long a letter from you although I have'nt the ability to compose so long a one myself.

Your description of your room-mates [bean] is a very good one of Mr. Obers

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enterprising son Charlie only, he is not near sited and is almost as afraid of the girls as I am. Now Katie let your next chapter contain a description of your young man. Katie why is it that you and I can never understand each other? You have asked me several times for my photo and when you I get some taken you shall have one if you still wish it.

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I am a member of the Wild Cat Nine and, in fact it was I that proposed the name. we played a matched game with the valley boys a week ago yesterday and got badly beaten too. Did'nt go to lodge last Friday night but probably shall next Friday. Hope I shall see you there. Guess I had better cut this short as you will have hard work to read this.

From your friend Willis S Hubbard.
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K F perhaps U wonder y
So long I trouble U
But N E time this meets your I
Please think of W.