Willis Hubbard to Katherine Fletcher, 1885 December 18

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Jeffersonville VtDec. 18, 1885My Dear friend Katie

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your letter of last Monday was duly re'cd, but, you may bet I was mad when I read the address on that envelope. Carried it around an hour or two before I opened it. After reading it my anger subsided somewhat but I must confess I cannot as yet see the

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necessity of so many superfluous names. Thought you had tired of our correspondence and wasn't going to write again. Had a letter in my pocket that I was intending to mail to you had I not re'cd yours that day. Was down to Mr Perhams last Sunday. Went down after my sister who was down there having a dress made. Suppose you have heard that your old friend and schoolmate Gertrude has been turned out of

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her school. As for her stories, they will not hurt me any unless she can make someone believe them and I hope you know her well enough not to mind what she says.

Well Charlie Ober is waiting for me to go to the [Vill] with him guess I will close.

Yours as everWill

P.S. I would like to see you very much when will you be at home again and when may I have the pleasure of taking you for a sleigh rideWSH Please excuse haste and a lead pencil