Willis Hubbard to Katherine Fletcher, 1885 December 28

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Jeffersonville VertDec. 28. 1885.Dear Katie_

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Yours of the 21. & 22. were both rec'd the same days that you wrote them. Think if you had been at home Friday you would not have had a sleigh ride. someone said that sleighing was rather thin down this way about that time. Well I write to day (in school.) is that there is to be a party at Mr Obers next Thursday eve. and if you are at home, want to ask you to accompany me on that occasion. If you give me the mitten this time as you did three or four years ago If you do I will not give it

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back again as I did then.

If I don't end this pretty soon the teacher will.

Please send me your answer whatever it may be so that I will get it in season.

From Will.


Katie E FletcherJohnsonVertJEFFERSONVILLE

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The last time I saw W.H. was at my wedding. He died a little latter of pneumonia