Willis Hubbard to Katherine Fletcher and Name Card, [circa 1885 February 14]

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Willis Hubbard to Katherine Fletcher

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I love_ I cannot tell how much
The way I love you beats the Dutch.
I cannot sit, or lie, or stand
So much I wish for that dear hand
Although tis winter I perspire
My veins are filled with hidden fire
Ive grown so lean, my clothes hang loose
My feet bones rattle in my shoes
Methinks I must resemble most
Some scare crow lank, or dismal ghost
Ive, eaten nothing for a week
My tongue in vain attempts to speak
And all for you, angelic maid

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My inmost heart is almost flayed
Oh could I steal a single kiss
From thy red lips twere perfect bliss
Oh grant to me one sunny hair
T'will keep my bosom from despair
Grant that your hand may yet be mine
Your lean & lovesick Valentine

"O Will!"

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Name Card

The card has a printed image of cut flowers, with a banner that reads "Believe me true," and his name, "Willis S. Hubbard" printed in the center.