Willis Hubbard to Katherine Fletcher, [1885] February 17

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Jeffersonville VtFeb 17.My Dear friend Katie

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I take this opportunity to wright you a few lines so as not to forget entirely how to write. Dont suppose I will get any answer, and dont know as I deserve any but think you might at least send me a copy of the letter that I did not get last summer. Was very sorry that you was not at the union but glad to hear that you passed examination at the normal

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school. I heared you were not giving to lodge any more is that so? And if so why so? I had a row with Gertie Whitcomb about the way she acted at the oyster supper that night She said it was all a lie and she would speak to Miss Fletcher about it I told her that I heard of it first from another quarter and so you know I did, Rossie Dickinson told me first. Are you coming home Friday nights or shall you stay up there until school is out? Our school is out this week I wish I were up there at school but will have to help on the farm this summer but

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shall go to school some where next fall. I expect to go west again in about a year and if I do I shall make a longer stop than I did [before]. Shall stay at least five years and perhaps ten.

My cousin Willie Mead is here from Iowa but is going back in a few days. Wish I could go with him but can't If you see Gertie Whitcomb before you do me, dont pay any attention to what she says because I know she would lie if she thought it would do her any good I guess I will close for fear you can't read what I have

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got written now, If you can read it you can do better than I can.

If you have time and feel like it I would like to hear from you as I would like to know how you like your school.

Excuse poor writing and spelling.

Yours affectionatelyWillis S Hubbard