Willis Hubbard to Katherine Fletcher, [circa 1885] November 10

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Jeff.Nov 10.Friend Katie

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Your kind and welcome letter of Nov 9. was rec'd this afternoon, was glad to hear from you although I could not understand the French, but shall not try to have it translated until I see you. Did you mean that I would turn scarlet with

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rage? or was'nt that it. Did not know that you were a French scholar. I also had company Friday night and did not go to lodge dont know whether I shall go any more or not. Do not doubt but that Johnson has a very good school but have made arrangements to go to Morrisville, think I will get all the "drill" that I want there, and, besides do not know as I would pass examinations. never felt as

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ignorant in my life. Do I know the young gent of whom you wrote? if not I would feel highly honored to make his acquaintance Perhaps the reason you described him in French is that he is French himself, is he? Perhaps I had better stop this unsightly scribling until I get a better pen.

Sincerely your friendWSHubbard
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P.S. If he (whoever he is) is inclined to be jealous he may not approve of our correspondence. but he must remember that we were old school friends. WSH