Henrietta Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, [1886 or 1887?] April 15 and Carrie Maude to Katherine Fletcher

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Henrietta Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher Apr 15thDear Katie

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I have suceeded in finishing your dress and hope it will be all satisfactory should like to see it on you About your books go and get them the same as you did before and I will send the money before long, papa wants you to inform Miss Barton that she can commence her school the first Monday in May Carries cough is better Hattie Holmes is Maying with her to night last night she stayed with Bernice I hope your hoarsness is better is strange you should be so when it is getting

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warm weather but do be carefull about taking cold it is now 9 o clock and I must retire

good nightMama

I got your dress all done up & sent it down to the office it would cost 48 cts and I thought you would rather have the money for other purposes and I will get it up some other way
in haste

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Carrie Maude to Katherine Fletcher Dear Kate.

Laura and I are at Mr. [Fullingtons] to day and are going to be alone to night or expect to be, and, if you are not otherwise engaged, would like to have you come down and stay with us all night, I intended to of had you come before, if you were going any where else go just the same and come some other night.

yours.Carrie Maude.
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Kate Fletcher.