Katherine Fletcher to Henrietta Fletcher, undated

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Mon. Eve.Dear Mama.-

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I was disappointed to night because I did not get an answer from you, in reply to the one which I sent you this a.m. in regards to my school.

Thinking that perhaps I may be able to get this to you before you write I thought best to write.

What I want is to have a school here, but not if it displeases Heath in the least. Now remember & tell him I said this for I do not want to get him down on me.

It is not so much the

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profit of this fall that I look at, its excelling this fall if I can and standing good show for winter term.

The scholars the same as turned out two men teachers last winter here & this winter they want a good school and I know I can have it surely if I'm here this fall. Altho I do not know but what I shall have it if I do not come.

Mr. Gates is very much pleased with my school & says he has not heard a single complaint and he wants me very much to be here this

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If Dr. doesn't know what ails Carrie's ankle take her to Burlington at once & have it examined. Don't wait. This school business has about broke me up for all are inquiring if we're going to have school & at this late time I don't know what to tell them. One great reason why I want to know there are 3 or 4 young men that are going to me if we have school, but if not are going to Bakersfield and I want to hold them

I can't account for it why I havn't heard from you & shant

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take much peace till I do.

I've rec'd you letter written Sun. & paper. No matter about dresses. I hope I've not caused you any trouble, it's enough for it to be such a bother to me.

I rather lose money than go back to Powels.

If I can have a Select School, telegraph Will you? It wont cost much & I want to give it out soon as possible.


Love to all-Your tired girl