[Sarah Nolan?] to Katherine Fletcher, 1886 January 8

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Jan the 8th 86My dear Niece

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after waiting so Long I will try to pen a few Lines to you I was sick when I rec'd yours of Nove [29] and am so yet we have so much sickness in my family I have always Been so well have always done my own work and cared for my sick myself But the strain has Been too much and I have had to give up for a time perhaps you will ask what is the matter that I cannot tell [faintness] is the most

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my family consists of your Uncle and myself your sick aunt and Ruth Morey [    ] Daughter Edward and famely live close bye as when your Mother was here your Uncle Samuel lives In Iowa 200 miles from here he met your uncle Henry here 2 years ago his health Is very poor this this winter So you see the old stock are passing away you mention our Likenesses as soon as I am able to attend to it yo shall have some Mary Jane you must remember she Lives In Manchester Iowa She has 3 Boys 2 of whom are

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are practising Law [Willis] the oldest Graduated in Madison, 2 years ago the youngest is with his ma your aunt Cornelia Is living in with her daughter In Iowa Eliza Lives here In Marengo Smiths girls Live with their mother in Harvard Luretta Barnes Franks youngest daughter Lives In Mason Co in this state Kane Lives in Iowa you see this is a [big][       ] Letter if you ever wish or expect to see me you will have to come here as my home duties Keeps me at home all the time Henrietta has been confined

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to her Bed and chair five long wearisom years with no prospect of ever being any Better I would Like to see you and your family ever so much your uncle is very feeble and nearly blind I can read a chapter without glasses we are having a very Cold time it seems Like old [Burke] have not heard from Bently since July he did not give me the particulars of his mothers Death Do not neglect writing as I have it is very hard for me to write at all give my love to yourself and all your family

your Loving aunt

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I have not room for my name [Sarah B Nolan]
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now answer this I will write with

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the Likenesses