Willis Hubbard to Katherine Fletcher, 1886 January 9

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Jeffersonville Ver'tJan. 9. 1886.Miss Fletcher-

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Your letter of Jan 6 1885. was recd Jan 7 1886. You may tell Miss D- that I do remember. "Leap year eh," very distinctly, and I also remember how very soon I discovered your little game. You ought not to have both written on the same kind of wrapping paper, and

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used the same expressions in each, and perhaps I would not have known that you did the thing in partnership. Perhaps it is as well that you could not go to that party, as it was a very bad night, and they did'nt have much of a time. Well as I have little knowledge of the art of composition will have to draw this to a close. Now, Miss Katie we have kept up a correspondence which has been very pleasant and agreeable, to me but for all that I think for reasons of my own it would be as well to discontinue it. What do think about it? Now dont think by this that I am mad at any

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thing, for I certainly am not. Hoping to ever remain your friend.

I am sincerely yoursWillis Hubbard

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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