Alberta [s.n.] to [Katherine Fletcher], 1886 February 13

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Johnson Vt.Feb. 13 1886.Mrs. David HolmesJeffersonvilleVt.Dear old schoolmate;-

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I received your letter this noon and was delighted to hear from you after the years that have intervened since you and I were schoolmates to-gether.

I am glad to hear that you are recovering your speech. It would have been a great loss to you who are so

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gifted in that direction I often look back to our old school days and especially to the Algebra recitation where you and Prof. Burce used to hold such animated discussions upon some great mathematical question of the day. Do you remember what I used to tell you in those old happy days 20 years ago how, twenty years hence would see me still a maiden lady and you a blooming wife? Was I not a true prophet? Here in my home you find me still, the same as twenty years ago. I am well established here in

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my southern home, preceptress of a school for the education of the poor whites of the South. I like my work very much and shall probably remain here for a good many years. If you could be spared from your home a few weeks I should be delighted to have you spend the summer with me some time.

You wrote me in regard to a piece spoken by Mrs. Stoddard once. I have written to Mrs. Story but shall be unable to get an answer in time for this mail. She is not certain that she has the book and will find out directly. I shall know in

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time for the next mail and will send the book if she has it. But for fear she may not have it I will tell you the name of the author. Will Carlton is the name of the poet and anyone who has his poems would have the poem. Mrs. Story writes me that the school at Johnson Vt. opened very full this term, about seventy seven or eight and not all in yet.

You spoke of a Mrs. Livermore in your letter and that reminds me

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that we are to have a lecture by the Mrs. Livermore the great female lecturer about April I think. It has been postponed quite a while and it is to be then I think.

Hoping to hear from you soon

I remain your true friendAlberta

Love to D and all the rest.