Carrie Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, 1886 September 11

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Jeffersonville VtSep 11, 1886Dearest Sister-.

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I am going to write to you if you will answer it when you write to Mamma I go to school I like our teacher ever so much but she is very strick with them all. Nellie goes to school and so does Katie McEvoy. We have about 40 scholars in all I guess I want Brans Physiollogy real bad but will half to wait tillI get the book I [subpose.][Winnie] Myra & Edie study it besides my-self Miss C. though it not best for me not to study History of Vt she said it was for an older scholar wish I did study

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it I got about .75 cents last Tuesday and Mama gave me six more I am going to get me a new dress with it Mrs Burnham has got moved I have not been in to see her yet We spell in the floor in the after noon write our Spelling lesson in the fore noon we take head markes I got above 5 Friday think it is fun I am studying about the Pacific States It has rain all day here there is not much news to tell

So good byeCarrie