Mamie Flagg to Katherine Fletcher, 1886 October and name card

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Bakersfield, Vt.,Oct. ,1886.Dear Katie:-

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I rec'd your letter last night and you dont know how glad I was to hear from you. I wish I could see you. Would'nt we have a good visit? First of all I will tell you about your sweet friend (Patch [a drawing of a patch]) Ha! Ha! You dont know how I detest the very sight of that "long legged blunderbuss." Please excuse my language, but I must express my gigantic thoughts some way. He acts the nearest like a fool I believe of any one I ever have seen or heard of excepting "Harvy Whitcomb Esq." and

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Watkins minds his own business and I guess gets on all right, any way I am not posted on him.

We had a reception at the B. Academy hall last Friday night and had a splendid time. I believe you would have almost killed yourself laughing If you had have seen me look "daggers" at a poor green weed of a fellow. The way of it was. Frankie Leach and I were standing by a hall door waiting for some one to ask us to march with them, when behold we glanced toward the music room and saw approaching us that fellow with a countenance as beeming and full of joy as a cat lapping cream and sillier than a fool. I gave him

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a look that withered him for a while and I guess his knees felt kind of weak but he soon braced up like a soldier and marched up to Frankie and said as sweetly as possible under the embarassing circumstances, ("Will you take my arm Miss Leach") She pretended not to hear and so I told her up real loud that a gentleman was speaking to her, but she did'nt seem to hear just then, and he went away and we had some fun in there alone untill some one came to our rescue. Oh dear! I would have given a good deal if you could have seen it.

One of the girls that board

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here (Winnie Wright) and I have lots of fun. We got dressed ready to scare one of the boy's when he came up stairs to bed. One She had on a great long black cloak of some kind that we found and we looked perfectly horrid. We heard him come out of the sitting room and was all ready to begin to groan when he went out doors so we sat in the window and waited untill he came up and what do you think the great goose saw us in the window and with all our groanings passed by and began to laugh. Was nt that mean?I have splendid times out here and I like the school ever so much and the teachers too though they make us study like everything. Well I guess you have got enough of this nonsense for this time so I will close.

Mamie E. F.-BakersfieldVtB.A.

Will send you my address as it is difficult to remember Write soon Tell me all the news. I have got lots of [fun] to tell you.

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name card

Miss Mamie E. Flagg