Carrie Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, 1886 November 14 and Henrietta Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, 1886 November 14

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Carrie Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, 1886 November 14 Jeffersonville VtNov 14 1886Dear sister:-

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I rec'd you letter last night but did not read it till this morning I went to the office most every morning for a letter from you but did not get it hope you enjoyed the Concert did the baby look like any of the other children I shall be glad when Thanksgiving comes Mama said she would have Mrs Cleveland make ita dress for you when you are at home I hope you enjoyed the reception how many were there School was out Friday we did not have any exercises the last day I Those whose Department was the Ri Highest was Nellie Griswold Katie [McEvoy]

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Ethel Kingsley and Edie mine was 0 if you now what that stands for Myra Hattie and all of us gurls was a like some - very Poor I missed during the term 19 words the [best] in the class Clara and I had nine headmarks the most in the class Winnie had 2. the snow is high and it is cold every where except in the store you see by the date of this letter it will be my birthday day after to morrow Mr Smith gave me some very pretty cards for my Album I dont think I shall go to meeting this evening I hope you will write us readly as I have this time I must close for mama wants a little room

your Loveing SisterCarrie Fletcher

P.S. (I will come to depot to meet you next wed)

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Henrietta Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, 1886 November 14 Sunday night Nov 14, 86My dear Daughter

I suppose I must write a word or you will not think you have heard from home, I have not much to tell you only I have been having a sore throat, but it is better to day, have not done any thing since Friday noon untill to night I help Carrie get supper, I have been so hoarse I could not speak loud only at times but I think I have seen the worst of it for I've sat up all day to day

I will have your dress made when you come home thanksgiving guess I

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had better get it this week so it will be ready for her (Mrs Cleveland) just as soon as you are at home Ive just heard that Alma [Seeley] and Dan [Oatmire] were married yesterday Oh! what a foolish girl never has seen any girl hood's days Winnie Watkins leaves for Dakota to morrow, I will send you a $


If you can get on the right side of Mrs Chase do som little favor or deed of kindness, prehaps you could get a cloak pattern and we would see about making the short one when you come home