Mamie Flagg to Katherine Fletcher, 1887 January 9

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Bakersfield, Vt.,Jan. 9, 1887.Dear Katie:-

I rec'd your very welcome letter last night and as I have an apoligy to make I will be prompt in answering it. I certainly thought that you owed me a letter but that you did'nt care any thing about answering it and it made me feel real bad, but I thought, and hunted around and through some fooling my letter to you must not have been sent so-(Please excuse my impertinance.)

O! Katie you dont know how

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much good your letter did me. It sounds just like you. How I wish you had have come down when we were home I could'nt tell you any thing that evening I camewent up to your house with Ethel. I thought I should make a perfect fool of myself when E. said what she did about Grace and Garland. Is'nt she a "brick" though.

I am having a (beau)tiful time, but dont you tell. O! of course you are to.

I went out sliding night before last and froze my ear. Ha! ha! you ought to have seen the dainty little thing, but it is all right now as I have had nearly every thing on it but "peppermint."

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We had a sliding club last Friday evening from 6 o'clock untill 10. We girls have great times "cutting each other out. I wish you were a snow-bird for one night and would'nt you see some fine flirting though. The girls were all paired off so that we knew just who were going home with who, but now they have flirted so that is all broken up. Winnie Wright had the cutest chap in school Wed. night, then I got him Thur. night and another girl the next night. I think it is a great deal more fun than going with one all the time. Dont you[!] There is one fellow here that

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I cant bear and why I cant I dont know, unless, it is that he is'nt very cute. but his folks are well off and his brother is in college and he is going, when he graduates here but I dont care. I went to ride with the goose once and have given him the mitten aobut a dozen times and he is trying to make up now but I wont.

I sincerely hope that you dont think I flirt.

When I get to thinking of some of our freeks of planing for the future I laugh right out loud.

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You asked if I intended to go right along. Probably I shall though I would like to teach a term and get rested up. I am getting pretty tired. I hope you will not fail to come, but let me know before hand. We will have lots of fun. Of course you knew our poor friend [small rectangular drawing] was in Mass. and good riddance to bad rubbish. What fools we were the night of the {ice-cream concern} Did you ever see such fools as we were, and I would not speak to [small rectangular drawing] out here. He will feel better when

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he gets over it. Dont you worry. Charlie has been mad at me ever since that night and I wonder why. (I think the best thing for C. to do after taking his sister and all the other girls of the villiage is to take a little (Kikapoo Indian Sagwa) shure sure cure for {meloncholy {heart burn} and {sour stomach} [ans.]

To turn the subject I got a silver napkin-ring, five Christmas cards, a pair of slippers and a book. I did'nt care because I did'nt want any thing.

We have an old "pig weed" living upstairs. She is rooming her little bubby. I would like to box them both up and send them

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to Africa. He is that green-horn of an Adams I told you about in my other letter. She (piggy) wont let us keep running through her old fool of a room any time we choose Is'nt she horrid. We have to go through there when we go to see the girls, that room up stairs and we want "full sweep" and she dont like it. She locked two of the girls in their room and one from another room and Mrs Chase had to go up and get them out and (piggy) has got the key now the old stealer.

Oh! I am lonesome to day. Mr. [Parlin] wont let us ride for pleasure on Sun.

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Will Mr Campbell? I hope you will excuse this scribbling because I dont like to copy it over it takes so long. Be sure and write soon and dont you let anyone see this mess of nonsence.

"Good By" Lovingly yoursMamie E. FlaggB.A.

P.S. Tell me in the next letter if the riddle was ans.'ed right. Remember- Andrew Craig Robert Loid Fletcher Flagg- etc.