Nida George to Katherine Fletcher, 1887 February 17 and 23

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Stowe Vt.Feb. 17, 1887.Dear Katie:-

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As I was looking over the News & Citizen to-day I saw in the Jeffersonville items that Katie Fletcher and George Waters had returned to Johnson so I am proceeding to write you a letter.

My oldest sister has been away from home for two weeks but came home to-night which of course made some confusion and all the children are around me so I don't believe

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I can write much of a letter. I have been at home all the time since I came home which was just a week after school closed. I intended to do lots of calling during that week but the wind blew so much that I hardly went out of the house until the Thursday following the close of school. That day I got Mrs Ritterbush to go up to Perkinsville with me I went to visit Miss Moody's school and before I had been there an hour father sent word to me from the village that he was coming

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up after me as soon as his horses were rested.

I staid until school was out for the afternoon though I had to go back to Mrs. Ritterbushes and pick up my things.

It was six oclock when we started from Johnson and half past eleven when we got home.

I was pretty cold but I lived through it if I hadn't I shouldn't be trying to write a letter in so much noise. I have staid at home all the time because the wind has blown so and the snow

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is so deep that it is almost impossible for anyone to go out to walk.

I went about a mile from home to call on a friend today and I wallowed almost to my knees.

It was most as bad as the sidewalk there by Mrs. Ritterbush's the night of the band concert. I suppose of course last Friday night that you and George went to the lecture. I should liked to have peeped in and seen you. I could not help feeling blue that night to think

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that all the scholars were there but me. Was the lecture good? Who did Mr. Bugbee, Norton and Will' Newcomb take? I have been wondering who those boys took and who they would go with this term. I don't suppose Mr. Bugbee could exist without Miss Kuler company but the others thought that a change would be agreeable.

Is Blanche Ervins there this term and if so where does she board?

Is Miss Sullivan there?

Is Lucy going to school

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this term? She told me that she wanted to take music instead.

Is there lots of nice new scholars in school? Who do you have for a room-mate this term? I thought I had asked all the questions I could think of but I must ask how you like the Whitney grammar.

This is not a very long letter but I will not write any more this time but wait until you answer and I have more to write about.

Your friend.Nida E. George.

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Feb. 23

Nearly a week has elapsed since my letter was written and I have had no chance to post it. I think I will send it for if I don't I am afraid I won't send any at all. I got out that paper that we took so much pains to copy the other day and discovered that there were two papers which were not returned to me at the time of the public club. They were the one written by Bugbee and the connundrums that Cora Allen wrote. I was real provoked about it. Of course you have not got yours there at Johnson.