Nida George to Katherine Fletcher, 1887 April 9

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Stowe Vt.April 9, 1887.My dear Katie;

I am going to take the first opportunity of answering your letter this time I was very glad to get it. I like very much to hear from Johnson. I don't hear as often as I would like to any way. I don't find any fault with you you are prompt and write just as you promised me that you would, but I think

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there are some others who might write if they chose. I have one other correspondent there and I get a letter from them occasionally which of course is very welcome. I don't quite dare to tell you who it is just now, though perhaps you can guess. I was awful blue when I wrote you the last letter but I have got all over it now.

I did not intend to write anything in my letter that would show how blue I was but I guess I forgot myself.

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Tell Mr. Bugbee I should have liked to have seen him teaching in the model school. I think he must have put on some dignity. You know he used to some times especially the night of the C reception.

How did Miss Perry get along teaching the young ideas? What is it, Kate, that always makes the A's & B's so jealous of each other? I see that they are just a little this term by your letter. The A's and B's this year are so very nice

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that of course there is not much feeling.

How does Mr. Norton get along this term, I have not heard you say anything about him. I expect he is just as odd as he always and just as much of a favorite. I am going to try to go up to Johnson at the close of school because I want to hear my class speak. I don't expect that Mr. Norton will stand on one leg at the B exhibition. I have taken a school for the year. I think I have got a pretty good chance.

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The school is not a large one but it is a village school the school house is real nice and not quite a mile from the post office and churches so I can go out about as much as though I was right in the village.

I shall get $3.00 a week besides my board.

Please let me know when your school closes.

Will all the B's be able to pass the examinations this turn. If they do there must be a large A class next term.

Your loving Friend,Nida E. George.
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P.S. I never had such a time writing a letter as I have this one. There has been everything going on. I guess it is barely sensible. I expect to do lots of flirting this summer. Nida.