Tom [Guild] to Katherine Fletcher, 1887 December 10

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/87-12-10.Friend Katie,-

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Please excuse me for writing to you this morning, but you see I happened to think that perhaps you might have thought that I meant all I said the other day about "lecturing"

Now Katie, you did'nt did you?

You know that I enjoy seeing

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Ober taken in as much as any-one, and I think it will do the boy good.

I did'nt know too, but that you understood from what I said that I did'nt think you ought to go with him, but I assure you I did not inten to carry that meaning.

A person wants to enjoy ones-self, and I can't see the use of always staying at home and trying to be good.

Now, you will forgive me for what I said to you, wont you?

I am going down and ask Bessie to go coasting

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sometime this forenoon my guess

I'll ask her to be post-mistress to-day.

Did'nt you think that the C's did well last evening?

Please don't let Bess or any-one else know any thing about this,

Yours in haste,Tom.


Miss Katie Fletcher

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Nov. 11, 1888. Once was lost but was found to-day where it was hidden a year ago. In history