Tom [Guild] to Katherine Fletcher, 1888 February 26

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Coventry, Vt,,Feb 26-'88.Dear friend Kate,-

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I have been awful busy for the past two weeks and really hav'nt had time to write to but just one persons, and only once to her. Just think Kate only once to Bess in two weeks. O dear! I'd give my old books to see you to-night Kate and have one of our chats that we used to have last term.

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Didn't the girls get curious sometimes though. Some of them/Not Bess questioned me with all the cheek possible as to what my business was that day I was down to see you at Mr. A. when Bess and the other folks were away. but the best was that evening we went to walk to talk about Blanche's telling Aunt Anna.

I'd like to see Miss Oakes, she was my favorite teacher and I think she is the best teacher they have got in the school.

We are

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having some jolly good times here, I'll give a synopsys of last week beginning the Fri before. Fri. Went to school sociable, met one of my old flames and went home with her, her name is M-. Sun. night. Was going to prayer meeting with M.-. but got over to her house and she proposed we hold forth in the parlor instead. Of course we did and, had a big time. Mrs. Andrews did not come in after meeting. Tues. went to the village and spent the evening with the boys. Wed. spent the day and evening at Newport.

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Thursday. evening. Went to the ball at Coventry. had quite a time going. the road were bad and the horse got off the road, and the way he rolled about in the snow was a caution, when I got him back on the road I proceded to take an account of stock, found horse all right but booth shafts were broken. however was going to that ball anyway so got another sleigh and proceeded. M-. went back to her school Wed. so had to

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get another girl to take to the dance.

Found one on short notice and we reached the hall a little after eight and danced till day light. Not half past ten.

I danced over twenty figures and was awfull tired Friday. How is that for one week?

Wish you lived up here so we could go to the dances togather. We are going to the

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ball at the Valley House at Barton Landing, Tuesday night and to another at Newport next Wedn (Mistakes) Thursday night so you see we intend to danse all we want to.

What do you suppose Bess would say if she could read this. When, just think what a passion she would fly into. you wo'nt tell her know will you Kate?

The bold Ober wrote to me stating how lonesome he was without you etc. etc. etc. Poor boy you ought to comfort him. Do you think so Kate.

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I had a letter from the fair Blanche yesterday stating that she was in Newport and would like to have me call on her, said she was going home on the 4.30 train. it was so stormy that I could'nt get to Newport so lost the chance to see my beloved Blanche

Bessie never stated what you said to B- that Fri. at the depot. What did you say? Won't you tell me Kate? I would really like to know.

Now Katie I think you are really getting broke up on the bold Geo. Waters

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and that "[Kiah]", had better step down and out so as to give him a chance to state his love etc to you. Saw Mabel Gay at Newport a few days before she went back to Johnson. and we had quite a talk about that letter she wrote to Bess. She probably thought that I would probably get left directly, or rather Mrs. A. thought so. don't think Mabel thought so.

Would like to see

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dear Mrs. A. wonder if she would let us stand in the street to say "hells."

By-the-way Kate what did you mean by Blances "having a mind of her own" and "Newcomb"

Wish we could meet in No 2. and have a review in Arith or if the snow was off (O just-see) snow was off go up to "high falls" to-gather. I can see just how broke up Ober was that evening I took him down to the Deacons to ask you to go up to the

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Wall! Those bright days are gone forever, and we must look for brighter ones ahead and not sigh over the past I suppose.

Don't you suppose Mr. Campbell will spruce up to Miss Bruce now that Mrs. C-. has left this earthly scene?

Would'nt they make a boss couple though. I will carry my regards or rather yours to Blanche when I go to N. Troy.

You hav'nt gone to Malone have you yet? You did excite

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considerable curiosity that time you went down to Jeffersonville so suddenly, Guess there would have been more curiousily curiosity if they had known the cause of your hasty departure. you must have caused quite a scene when you made known the reason of your coming to your Mamma. Not one of our class have I seen since we left Johnson, and as Dr. Wilson says it is getting monotonous.

Well Kate I have written quite a lengthy letter for

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me and I hope you will not wait as long as I have in answering it for I like to hear from you the best of any of my classmates.

I wont wait as long next time if you will write soon.