Tom [Guild] to Katherine Fletcher, 1888 March 18

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Coventry, Vt.Mar-18-'88Dear friend Katie,-

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I wonder what you are doing this afternoon; entertaining that young "kid" and injoying yourself hugely,

I have been having a lovely time for the past week

Thursday night I went to another ball, There were ten couples

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went from Coventry in a four horse team and I tell you Katie we had a lovely time it took us two hours to go seven miles so you see we didn't hurt the horses running them.

Had tin hornes a cornet, violin, etc, and made all the noise possible when we drove by the houses.

We danced steady until four oclock in the morning and did not get back to Coventry till most seven. I danced every single figure - and was about

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used up but as Friday was my birthday I did'nt say so.

Oh Kate! I'll tell you something if you will promise never to tell. You wont will you? Well you see my cousins best girl and another girl live not more than ten miles from here and I was invited down to spend the evening Friday as it was my birthday and of course I was on hand and my cousin George was there also. Well: we enjoyed ourselves hugely and I did not get home until quite late in

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I had'nt seen the fair maiden since I first went to Johnson for any length of time so had to make up for lost time you know.

Dont know what was the matter but the oil in the lamp wasnt good,_ (It gave to bright a light) and it went out about nine oclock and, of course it was to much work to light it again so we sat in the dark.

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It was a "Quartette" that Bess never heard about I guess,

Did you hold, fourth in Andrews parlor when you werre up at Johnson?

I would like to step in there some evening after Mrs A. and Sumner had gone up to the store and find some girls there that were there last term. But probably I shall not for some time

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to come, perhaps never. Are you going to be in Johnson next June at the graduating excercises?

I just got around to write my part for the class letter to-day.

Guess Bess has got sick of writing letters she don't write to me only about once a month. She made me promise to write every week and she would do the same, but I don't like to write two or three letters to one and so dont write only when she writes to me.

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I haven't heard a word from the [   ] (I don't make many mistakes do I?) bold Ober for over six weeks.

Guess he must have died of lonesomness up there at N.H.P. or else you monopolize all of his correspondence How is it Katie?

I am dieing to know what the dear Blanche could have had to say about me,

You know I was always as dignified and staid as any old bacholor could be and if the dear girl

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did'nt think I was honest about it I am very sorry and hope she did'nt feel bad because I did not go with her.

You spoke of having some glorious news for me but that it would keep until your next.

What was it? please tell me Kate.

We have lovely times here this winter and am hoping that we can have decent roads

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just a few days longer so as to have a few more dances and rides.

You wright days (Will you notice the mistakes I make) write daisy letters Katie and I want you to write oftener to me.

Had a letter from Bugbee a few days ago. he in Tracy, Minn. and is going to Washington Ter. this spring. He wants I should come out to Minn

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and go west with him, I have half a mind to go.

You spoke of the girls running the Deacons house with the assistance of Frank. Does he go there to see Alma D. now? You know last Jan. when Miss Simonds came to J. he left Miss D. and went with her. I should'nt think she would take up with him now.

But you know Mrs. A. thinks everything Frank and Dr. do is just about right. just because they belong

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to the Baptist church. Ober and Stuart and I were nowhere in her estimation on that account.

Poor George Waters. The schock must have been awful for him to bear when he saw you up to Waterville with another fellow. I am afraid you will drive him into doing something desperate if you keep on. and David Holmes, to. and probably numberless other poor wretches whom you have releived of their hearts.

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It is a beautiful day and I suppose I ought to have gone to church but I hav'nt been to church but once since I left Johnson.

I am not going to read this letter over for fear I would burn it up and write again, so if you get tired of studying on it burn it up and forget it

Write soon,