Will Newcomb to Katherine Fletcher, 1888 May 17

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Johnson, Vt.May 17, 1888.Dear Friend K-:-

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I will now try and comence this letter but will not promise to finish it to night.

Well I suspose that you are training the young urchins minds these hot days & I wish that I were doing the same kind of work instead of tilling the soil.

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Do you have to use the rod of correction any in your little flock? or are they so good that you can trust them all alone?

I have been trying to learn to ride one of these to wheel carts, and I have received a good many falls, so if this letter is not written in very good shape you will know the cause of it.

You may see me down at your school

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some day if I ever get so that I can ride my cart.

But doubtfull things are mighty uncertain Havent you found that to be true especially on the marking of written reviews by Miss "old Maide"? Please excuse me for speaking my mind in that way but I can't help it. You had ought to see Mr. Welch & wife perade the streets it is worth going a good ways to see.

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[   ] Smith is teaching about a mile from my home

She does not have but nine or ten little brats, but I guess that they like her first rate as a teacher.

Where is Miss teaching?

I have not heard a word from her scince she left Johnson.

Your letter was just O.K.

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I like to read such letters & never fear of my getting tired of reading them for I do not.

I am not much of a hand at composing, so you must not expect a very good thing from me.

Do you correspond with Miss Woodward if you do please tell her that she owes me a letter

Without a doubt you

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had a fine time at your relatives resort in Waterville.

Did you discuss all the old "points" or "events" that happened when they lived on railroad St.?

I would given a cent to have been there!

I would like to tell you about how B- Ervins used me some time.

She never just suited my taste.

It used to please me to see you two when you happened to get together in

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class some days. I just got Profs picture the other day, & and it looks a good deal better than he does. Don't you think that he is getting kind of good in his old age to take the B class down to Burlington?

He never did that by our class. Yes I should enjoy very much in going to the mountains & if I am in J--- & can I will go with you.

How are you going

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with single or double teams?

You will have to furnish me with a girl for I am out at the present time. I would not take any money for my class picture if I could not get another although that little piece of paper is a nice thing to be the owner of.

Just think of how Ive had to labor for it.

But at the same time

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those were the happiest days that I ever see I don't think that our class will ever be all togeather at one time.

It is hard to think about, but we are widely separated. I hope that as many as can will meet in June.

Well I guess that I have written about enough for this time unless it is better.

So will close hoping

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to hear from you in the near future. I remain as ever

Your true friendW.J.N. "Joe"

P.S. R.N.Woodward leaves this little town next [Monday] to study law.