Viola [Allen?] to Katherine Fletcher, 1888 May 26

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Craftsbury, Vt.May 26, 88.Dear Kate;

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You do not know how glad I was to hear from you. I had thought of you many times and thought that I would write but I have had no time to write letters.

My father has been very sick with the Pneumonia for seven weeks. He is beginning to gain a little though it is very slowly.

There was a while the Dr. thought he could not get well, but we are in hopes if he does not take cold that he may

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get well, though the Dr. said to day that it would be a good while before he was out of danger.

You do not know how hard it was for me to think of having our dear papa taken from us yet I felt as though I must be willing to submit to God's will whatever it might be. I trust and pray that he may be spared to us if it be God's will.

Then you are really school-marm Well so am I.

I am teaching the village school have twenty-four scholars; mostly small ones. It is a very pleasant school and I am enjoying it very much. The greatest trouble I do not have half the time I want.

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You wanted to know if I manged to get out at four o'clock I cannot to save me I generally get out just quarter past four. My oldest scholar is sixteen. I have a very fine boarding place.

Well it is eleven o'clock and I must retire, I guess you will find many mistakes in this for I am watching with papa and have to stop every few minutes to do something for him.

My brother came home last night he is going to watch the rest of the night

June 3.

Well Kate I did calculate to have finished this letter before this time but have had no time. Last week I had to copy some pieces for the children to speak

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children's Day. I have been to church to day. Papa has not gained any for the last two weeks. The Dr. was most discouraged to day. He said he was afraid tubercles were forming in his lung. He wanted to have another Dr. examine him.

Cora was at home over two weeks when papa was the worst; and she came home a week ago last Friday, Effie Patterson was going home and so Cora came with her she went back Sunday night Frank Holmes, he was up to see Miss Simmonds. Kate I had forgotten all about sending my note book to you. I will send it this week.

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You need not fret about returning it though I should like it as soon as you get them copied. Cora and Nell are getting along nicely Cora has her essay finished They have marked a hundred in every review in Arithmetic. Cora has not marked below ninety in any review.

Have you got one of Miss. Oak's pictures? She sent me one it looks just exactly like her. You don't know how much I enjoy looking at my pictures. I guess I do think more of my class pictures than I do my certificate.

What do you have for morning exercises? I don't know what to have to make it most

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interesting. Monday morning we all have a verse; last week we had one that had the word love in it, this week we are going to have one containing the word blessed. Other mornings we read part of a chapter, we read around each one a verse, of course the youngest cannot read. Then we all say the Lords Prayer. My first class in arithmetic has only one in it, she is in Ratio and Proportion now, I think she will go through the book. My second class is going to begin in Interest to morrow. I am lotting on teaching it to them. I gave them a review yes Friday on the different cases in Percentage, Profit & Loss, and Commission. They did quite well I thought. The highest marked 94. The others all but

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one marked over eighty

Which do you enjoy teaching best the arithmetic or Geography and English? Of course I enjoy the arithmetic best because that is my favorite study, though I enjoy teaching Grammar very much.

Don't you think the Physialogues are real good books? I like them very much.

Do your scholars bother you about whispering? Mine have not at all. I told them the first day I did not want them to and they do not.

I got a letter from Lou a few weeks ago. She seems to be enjoying herself well.

O, Kate I want to ask a favor of you, I want a little piece of your graduating dress very much, I want to get a piece of

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all the girls dress in our class to put in a crazy quilt. I won't ask for only a scrap. I will send you a piece of mine, though you may not care for it but you can it in the paper rags if you do not. You don't know how bad it makes me feel to think how our dear old class is separated. I do wish we could all meet again at the old Normal. I want very much to go down at the close of school but do not know as I can. I have not heard from many of our class I meant to write to them before long. Is Jen teaching near home?

Well I guess I have scratched all you will care to read this time. Forgive me for not answering this your kind letter before, and you try and do better than I did. Hoping to hear from you soon I remain

your true friendViola D.
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Viola Allen