Moses S. Colton to Ruth Colton, 1837 September 17

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Princeton September 17th 1837Dear Sister

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I now take my pen in hand to inform you of my health which is good at this time and hope these few lines will find you enjoying good health and prosperity I received your kind letter and was glad to hear from you and my children as I have not heard by any other way Clark has not wrote and I conclude he does not mean to I had a letter from Brother Lemuel at the same time I received yours he was well likewise Brother Z. and family and Sister L I have this day wrote to him I want you to write whether you have seen or heard anything from Mother and my children and how they do I do not know but I shall be at home in about 2 1/2 months I cannot yet my time is out here in Nov. Harrison Morgan and his family have run away from here he has gone of in debt about $500. dollars it is supposed he has gone to Illinois Garner Thomas is here and is well off [Y.] is at [Hobeen] It is a time of general health here If you go to Waterville I wish you would go and look to my things a little Give my respects to all enquiring friends I have not heard from Belvidere since you wrote I some expect to sell my place and if I should shall go to the west in the spring I feel some concerned about my things at Tillotsons I also feel anxious to hear from my children

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There has Been some frost here last week but not to do much injury I should like to have you write how the season has been with you and if the crops are good corn is verry backward here other crops middling good we have had no rain to speak of these five or six weeks I want you to write as soon as you receive this and let me know about all the things I have requested as far as you can I should like to know whether you calculate on staying at Eden through the winter or not and I want to know how Susan does this [        ] it is growing late and so I must draw to a close by subscribing myself

your affectionate till DeathMoses S. Colton


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